Impression Pixel

1.What are impression Pixel?

An affiliate can apply this pixel to the page the tracking link is displayed on by pasting it in the HTML of the page itself. Once the page has been updated to show the pixel, then impression tracking will start working for the affiliate.

2. Why are impression stats important?

Impression pixel is not essential piece of attribution But many affiliates and networks find tracking impressions is another powerful metric in measuring ad performance.

3.Where can I find Impression Counts?

Go to Report > Daily Report > impressions

4.When is Impression associated with creatives?

When affiliates use creative ID that is used on the page by appending “&file_id=##” like so: (“##” will be replaced by the creative ID placed in the page\tracking link)

For E.G: <img src=”” width=”1″ height=”1″ />

5. How can I know which creatives are used more?

Reports > Daily report > Offer ID > Creatives.