Publisher Approval Procedure

Performance Network Requirements

  1. Affiliate networks or performance networks or native ad networks can signup as an affiliate but not as an advertiser. (for more information on native ad network )
  2. We do not integrate with any network.
  3. Business Development Policy
  4. We do not share our advertisers or affiliates
  5. If you come across networks alert management

Do not approve:

  1. Cashback – Websites which offer you cashback services when you purchase some product or use their services.
  2. No Coupon Sites Permitted Details – discount codes and deals, No Arabic and English coupon sites For example: VoucherCodesUAE or CouponCodesME
  3. Re-targeting partners – re-targeting, or ‘re-marketing’, as Facebook and Google call it, is an advertising technique that allows you to target ads specifically to people who have shown interest in or interacted with your brand.
  4. Toolbar Affiliates – Affiliates that are using toolbar extensions for affiliate revenue
  5. Domain names – For example, if a user types instead of The user will be redirected to a parked page or even worse, some random malicious URL.
  6. No Brand Keyword Bidding, No Misleading, No Pop Ups / Pop Unders / No direct Pop windows
  7. If didn’t list any of your own websites/or didn’t describe your other promotional methods
  8. English and arabic mix content type sites with coupon codes
  9. If the affiliate has signed up before
  10. If URL has the word coupon, voucher, promocode, promo
  11. Check page source to find coupon, voucher, promocode, promo
  12. Gambling/Bingo/Casino/lottery, Interest/ Riba Loans, Alcohol ( Beer/Wine), Adult or Dating, Shisha, Cigarettes/ e-cigarettes, Massage, Haram Websites, Make quick money with work from home schemes,
  13. Religious – unless Approved by the UAE Government
  14. From categories that have the least potential to generate revenue

Can approve

  1. Mix content type non English or non Arabic sites with codes.
  2. Landing Pages ( Carefully monitor where the conversions are coming from)

Note (For Pending Affiliates):

  1. Do not approve or deny pending affiliates without reading notes to them.
  2. Always add note when denying the affiliates.
  3. Send mail to pending affiliates that do not have legit site URL
  4. Followups for Publishers or Affiliates Whose Sites Are Not Working
  5. If pending affiliates do not respond within 2 days reject them.
  6. Always change account manager to DCMnetwork support after approving the affiliates