Traffic Sources Not Allowed

  1.  Re-targeting partners - re-targeting, or 're-marketing', as Facebook and Google call it, is an advertising technique that allows you to target ads specifically to people who have shown interest in or interacted with your brand.
  2. Toolbar Affiliates - Publishers that are using toolbar extensions for affiliate revenue 
  3. Domain names - For example, if a user types instead of The user will be redirected to a parked page or even worse, some random malicious URL. 
  4. No Brand Keyword Bidding, Brand Bidding Misspelling, No Misleading, No Pop Ups / Pop Unders / No direct Pop windows
  5. Use or promotion of hate, por­nography, Gambling sites, illegal activity, profanity, trademark or brand infringement, and typo squatting and/or cyber squatting that misleads consumers, Misleading information about the product, Over-promising ads or violate trademarks or copyrights.
  6. Publishers are not allowed to use brand name in their paid search title and description
  7. No bidding on the client's name or it's competitors.
  8. Publishers directly link to your website from search engines are not allowed
  9. Sales generated from Google, yahoo, bing, others are not allowed
  10. Publishers add your brand name into their negative keyword list are not allowed
  11. Publishers display their ads when your brand name or variations of your brand name are entered as search keywords
  12. Publishers cannot use your brand name in their display URL
  13. You are not allowed to bid on any keywords or search terms that contain a trademark, service mark or brand name of any of our suppliers without our prior written consent.
  14. Publishers cannot display their ads when your brand name and another word are entered as search keywords
  15. PTC partners not allowed

Publisher types that will not be approved:

  1. Websites or Blogs containing no content 
  2. Social media pages that are private accounts
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