How to Advertise in Search Engines?

We do allow Search Engine Marketing. However, *brand bidding during Search Engine Marketing is strictly not allowed.

*Brand Bidding

Brand bidding is a serious issue. An example of a brand bidding violation is the use of the advertiser brand name in search keywords.


  • You can use brand names and brand creatives for paid campaigns.
  • You can NOT use the advertiser brand names in the keywords. (Advertiser brand names refer to outlet brands such as Amazon.) This is considered as brand bidding and if found you will not be paid for any orders.
  • The use of the advertiser brand name is only allowed in the ad copy.
  • You can use product brand names, for example on a market place, we can use keywords like Adidas, New Balance and other names.
  • Terms may vary as per the advertisers. For the complete advertiser offer/campaign details please refer to the offer/campaign Terms & Conditions.