DCMnetwork Publisher Terms and Conditions

Below are the Standard Terms for Publishers:

Promotion & Marketing: Affiliates shall accept the following:

  • Any kind of political, controversial and disastrous information, video, and hashtag should not be used for the promotion of brand.
  • Affiliate shall make sure that none of the material is created with reference to DCMnetwork Program.
  • Pick the Logo from DCMnetwork platform to avoid any kind of mistake. If you need a different size please get in touch
  • Affiliates may not alter the creative or text links provided through the interface without prior approval.
  • Affiliates will not any generate traffic from Traffic Sources not allowed
  • Affiliate Networks working with DCMnetwork shall not broker any of our Offers without prior written approval from DCMnetwork.
  • Advertiser will not pay for refund, cancelled leads or leads not fulfilled.

Offer/Campaign Terms: Each Offer/Campaign promoted by DCMnetwork holds specific terms and conditions mandatory to be followed by a publisher promoting an Offer. Publisher shall agree to Offer terms and conditions prior to requesting for approval to join an Offer.

Validation: All commission will be validated on [X]-Days* period. Advertiser reserves the right to decline commission on all returned goods.

  • X-days* validation period varies for every offer. Eg. Hotel & Flight booking validations will be done after bookings are availed in real-time.

Locking Period: Standard Actions for an offer lock on any particular date of the month. For details on this please refer to Offer-specific Terms mentioned on each Offer on the Network.

Rejection: Conversions from any brand that Publisher commits brand bidding with will be all rejected. DCMnetwork reserves the right to decline commissions obtained through codes promoted on non-authorized sites.

Publisher’s Relationship with DCMnetwork Advertiser: The Publisher’s participation in the Network does not create any contract between the Publisher and our Advertiser. During the period of publisher services to our network the Publisher shall not enter or attempt to enter into any agreement with our Advertiser without our prior written approval. Also the publisher shall not try to get in contact with DCMnetwork Advertiser on behalf of (or as someone from) DCMnetwork.

In event of violation of any of the above DCMnetwork reserves the right to suspend the affiliate from the Network.

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