What Type of Content should be Avoided ?

Do not add following content type on any page of the website, due to UAE laws.

  1. Gambling/Bingo/Casino/lottery
  2. Lottery
  3. Interest/ Riba Loans
  4. Alcohol (Beer/Wine)
  5. Adult or Dating
  6. Shisha
  7. Cigarettes/ e-cigarettes
  8. Massage
  9. Haram Website
  10. Religious – unless Approved by the UAE Government
  11. Content related to Qatar, Iran, Israel
  12. Follow the Creative Creation Guidelines For All Partners
  13. No medical advice.
  14. Share information from official channels only to prevent the spreading of false information.
  15. You can’t use too revealing images
  16. Do not give medical advice especially if it’s not proven. Pieces of advice are to be limited to quotes from experts.