Publisher Suspension Procedure

DCMnetwork will terminate Publisher Agreement and suspend the publisher from the Network, immediately on written notice in the following cases:

  • If the Publisher violates any of the DCMnetwork Terms and Conditions.

  • If the Publisher is found sending traffic via any mean/s that falls under Traffic sources not allowed.

  • If the Publisher does not access the Publisher Account for six months.

  • If the Publisher is unable to generate any conversions for six months.

DCMnetwork will suspend the publisher from the Advertiser Affiliate Program, immediately on written notice If the Publisher violates Offer/Campaign Terms of an Advertiser, more than once.

  • Upon 1st violation, DCMnetwork gives 24 hour SLA to the publisher to rectify the issue.
  • Additionally the publisher is warned not to violate the Advertiser terms again, or else get suspended.

Please note that “Suspension” from the Network covers:

  • Suspension of all DCMnetwork Services to the Publisher. 
  • Suspension of Publisher access to the DCMnetwork Publisher account.
  • withholding of publisher payments 
  • Suspension of DCMnetwork codes and links resulting in blocking the tracking.
  • Removing all Advertiser Promotional Materials from the Publisher Service.


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